The tourist cyclists

“Cyclotouriste” category: you will be informed of your time but your result will not be shown or published.

Once you have started the race (between 7.30 & 8.45am),  we allowed you to choose one of the 6 circuits on offer for the 1-Day event,because we know that at the moment of your registration you cannot know in advance your capacities and your fitness level on the departure day

©Claude Roig

The 85km circuit is open to young people of 16 or more. A parental authorization must be supplied at registration.

The 125km Boutières circuit is open to those aged 17 or more. A parental authorization must be supplied at registration.

The other circuits are open to all cyclists aged 18 or more.

The Ardéchoise offers all foreigners a semi-priority starting number. They will be placed immediately behind the first 300 participants in a special starting line. A departure in the first 20 minutes is guaranteed.

© Claude Roig

Participating as a group

It is possible to participate in the Ardéchoise as a team of the same club and/or enterprise, and thus to participate in the ranking of your club/enterprise. Consitution of a team will only be validated by the correct naming of the club (or enterprise) and its city.


Your result is only validated if you report to every obligatory checkpoint: start, intermediate(s) and finish. Your exact start time will be taken into consideration, as the electronic chip on the back of the number card for your bike will have recorded this.

Once arrived, you can get your diploma within 30 minutes. This must be collected the same day from the sport center or failing that by written request accompanied by a stamped addressed A4 envelope (50g).

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