24 rd edition of  “L’Ardéchoise”

17th, 18th, 19th and 20st June 2015

Saint Félicien

Saint Félicien

There is a challenge and a beautiful adventure in the ”Ardéchoise” to suit everybody!

The ARDECHE is a department of the Massif Central, situated on the west bank of the River Rhône. It is a particularly varied region, making it a delight to discover by bike. Each turn in the road reveals a new and exciting view. This visual enjoyment is accompanied by a real sense of wellbeing because here, in the Ardèche, the welcome for those who come by bike is particularly warm.

©Claude Roig

L’Ardéchoise in 1 day

There is a 1 day cycling competition on the Saturday. For this event, you may choose your route after your departure because we understand that you may not know what you will be capable of in advance, when you register for the event. These circuits are also open to tourists who wish to take their time and admire the landscape.The Ardéchoise offers all foreign participants a semi-priority starting number.

Departure on Saturday

On the Wednesday there is circuit in the northern Ardèche, the “ARDECHE VERTE”, with the start and finish in Saint Félicien. You can choose to participate in the Ardèche Verte Circuit only, or to add it to your itinerary!

La Louvesc

L’Ardéchoise in 2, 3 or 4 days

This concept gives you the opportunity to appreciate the countryside, to visit the area, to sample the gastronomic specialities of the region, not to mention to take some memorable photos. You can start on either Wednesday ,Thursday or Friday morning and arrive as part of the largest peleton in Europe on the Saturday. The organisation will take care of your luggage and offers a choice of accommodation along the route.

©Claude Roig

L’Ardéchoise from North to South in 4 days.

This is a tourist cycle ride with accommodation included for the Tuesday to Friday nights. This circuit will delight lovers of long-distance rides, with the diversity of the countryside, the variety of the profile and the warm welcome of the local people. You leave St-Félicien on Wednesday morning, heading north into ‘l’Ardèche Verte’. On Thursday and Friday you can choose one of the circuits in Southern Ardèche and on the Saturday, rejoin your fellow cyclists on the Ardèche plateau for the Ardéchoise.

©Claude Roig

Rendez-vous en 2013 du mercredi 12 au samedi 15 juin!!!

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